Floating Desks

What is a floating desk you ask? Simply, it is renting a space inside the CoWorking area, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you get the same desk every time. Why have a floating desk a.k.a. “hot desk”? If you are like most millennial, you cannot work in one location very long, you need to move! You’ve rented a space, so you can sit in the kitchen, conference room, your desk, wherever you like! Give you a chance to “float”, meet new people, and enjoy the space! You still get all the amnetities that you need, free AMAZING coffee, security, private phone booth, and conference room. Oh, it’s also our most affordable option. Money shouldn’t be the barrier to you getting your work done.

Dedicated Desks

Dedicated desks are for those that need to be around people, but also have their own space. Each of our dedicated desks have elevtronically operated standing/sitting desks, executive chairs, and optional cubicle walls. The standing/sitting desks are perfect for long days and help you not sit on your bum all day. Also, you get a mailing address! All our dedicated desks are considered suites. You still get all the amnetities that you need: Free coffee, security, phone booth, and conference room.


Community and having your own personal space, the best of both worlds. We have multiple small and large offices, so depending on how big your team is (or how big your desk is) we will have plenty of space for you. All our offices get their own mailing address, but are not self furnished. We didn’t want to make any assumptions on what you needed and how you want to decorate. we left it up to you. You still get all the amnetities that you need: Coffee, security, mailing address, phone and conference room time.